At Horizon Animal Hospital, we offer you the convenience of getting your pet's prescription filled at our hospital with our in-house pharmacy or having it shipped directly to you from our online pharmacy.

Why use our In-House Pharmacy

The health and safety of our patients are always our priority, so it makes sense that one of the main benefits of an in-house pharmacy is to make it easier for patients to receive the best possible care. Inhouse pharmacy horizon

Having access to our in-house pharmacy makes this happen by:

  • Immediate Access to Medication
  • Overall Improved Patient Adherence
  • Improved Doctor-Patient Relationships
  • Time Effective Solutions
  • Quality control
  • Ability for the doctor to explain medication usage.
  • Ability for the doctor to go over what to expect.
  • Ability for the client to ask questions before taking drugs home. 
  • Ability to dissuade any potential fears the client may have of the medication regimen.
  • Ability for the doctor to see the client leave their appointment with medication in hand.
  • Support for your local business

Why use our On-Line Pharmacy

Using our online pharmacy is an excellent option for refills when a pet is on medication or food long-term. Our online pharmacy ships directly to your door and if you set up for auto-ship, you will save even more on time, and money. Auto-ship service offers flexible scheduling so you can easily adjust your order frequency or cancel at any time. Free shipping is included on medication over $49. Free shipping on Food Products enrolled in AutoShip and over $49. Place your online orders here Our online pharmacy