The center of any veterinary hospital is the treatment area. This is where animals that require more extensive treatment or hospitalization will receive the care they need. Our treatment area is fully equipped to handle every contingency. Being sick or having surgery is stressful for everyone in the family. High ceilings and light colors provide a bright and open atmosphere that helps to alleviate some of this anxiety.

All of our kennels are strategically located to allow us to continuously monitor patients from almost anywhere in the hospital. We can observe hospitalized animals from outside the exam rooms and Pharmacy, from the Lab and the doctor/technician write-up area, as well as from Treatment and Surgery Prep.

Dentistry: Thorough dental evaluation and treatment require general anesthesia. Under anesthesia, your pet is under continuous monitoring of their heart rate and rhythm, respiration rate and quality, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and body temperature. Full mouth radiographs are taken to evaluate for disease below the gum line. Ultrasonic scaling, subgingival curettage, and polishing are done in addition to tooth extractions if necessary. For more advanced dental procedures, like root canals, crowns, and jaw fractures, we refer to Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists.  

Sedated Grooming: We provide sedated grooming by appointment. 

Home Again Microchip: We provide an internationally accepted microchip that also can be used to report your pet's body temperature.

Cactus removal: Sometimes pets run into cactus and have embedded spines in their mouth and skin. We can help your pet should this unfortunate encounter occurs. 

Laceration repairs: Pets get wounds that need to be managed with surgery. We can help close the wound and help to get your pet on the road to recovery. 

Acupuncture: Dr. Emily Ozmun performs acupuncture services. Please contact our office for more information.