Finally, there is a blood test for early cancer detection in dogs!

For the first time ever, your veterinarians at Horizon Animal Hospital can detect cancer with a simple blood draw.

Early cancer detection Horizon AH

Our hospital is using an amazing new diagnostic tool called OncoK9 for detecting cancer in dogs. This blood test can keep them healthier longer and potentially save your dogs' life.  

Why use Oncok9? 

Dogs have a 9x higher risk for cancer over the age of 7 years and sooner in giant breed dogs. In Predisposed Breeds, there is a higher risk of cancer at younger ages. It is super important to screen your dog early when your dog still looks healthy and has the best chance of defeating the disease. Early treatment can help save the dog's life.

How does it work?

OncoK9 is a first in-class multi-cancer detection (MCED) test. It utilizes the same cutting-edge genomic sequencing technology that is revolutionizing early cancer detection in human patients. OncoK9 is recommended as an annual cancer screening test: Starting at 7 years of age in all dogs and starting as early as 4 years of age in dogs belonging to breeds at higher risk of cancer. 

With a simple blood draw, OncoK9 can screen your dog for multi-cancer early detection. It does this by detecting abnormal DNA released into circulation by cancer cells. OncoK9 can detect 30 different types of cancer including 8 of the most common cancers in dogs. The test usually takes up to two weeks to get the results back. 

The list of the most common types of cancer in dogs 

  • Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma 
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Malignant Melanoma
  • Mammary Gland Carcinoma
  • Mast Cell Tumor
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Recommended Age to Start Screening Higher-risk Breeds

  • Beagle                                  7 years
  • Burnese Mountain Dog      5 years
  • Boxer                                   4 years
  • Flat-Coated Retriever        7 years
  • French Bulldog                  6 years
  • German Shepard               7 years
  • Golden Retriever               6 years
  • Labrador Retriever            7 years
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback       6 years
  • Rottweiler                           6 years
  • Siberian Husky                   7 years

In Giant Breeds

  • Great Dane                     4 years
  • Mastiff                             4 years
  • Irish Wolfhound             4 years
  • Scottish Deerhound     6 years
If you are interested in learning more about this new test, please reach out to us today! (480) 614-9500